About the BetaTeach Platform

Earn digital credentials which let your customers know how conscientious you are and that you constantly engage with your industry (e.g. peers, experts mentors etc). Home owners struggle to understand who is competent and who is keeping up-to-date with best practice in an ever changing industry. The digital awards you earn can help them to see how committed you are.

A Very SHOCKING Problem Exists:

  • Not all qualified and accredited heating engineers are able to proficiently design, install and maintain heating systems
  • Not all people qualified and accredited in retrofit can proficiently perform the tasks they need to
  • Many people working in sustainability and policy do not have adequate understanding around low carbon heating technologies and retrofit measures
  • Home owners have no way of knowing who is competent or who to trust
  • Training is relying on methods evidenced as having a low impact on learning


The Platform:

Is for:

  • heating engineers,
  • retrofit assessors/coordinators,
  • policy makers
  • people involved with LA’s, housing associations.
  • people involved in sustainability and the environment
  • homeowners
  • manufacturer employees NOTE: their knowledge would be valued but brand promotion by a manufacturer employee will not be allowed in order to protect the platforms integrity.

Is a social engagement platform

  • Based on learning science (an interdisciplinary field associated with educational psychology, cognitive psychology, computer science and anthropology to name a few) it recognises the value of cooperative learning 
  • It is designed to engage all parties and stake holders involved in net zero. Decarbonisation will not be solved if policy makers, sustainability managers, organisations, retrofit coordinators, builders and heating engineers etc are not all communicating and learning from each other
  • It will create 1000’s of very specific conversation threads around numerous heating and retrofit topics
  • Engagement of participants is tracked e.g. the platform knows what topic themes you prefer and it uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor sentiment e.g. it knows if you are only making “yes” and “no” comments.

Tracking engagement 

  • Over time, as the site builds up, it can be used as a resource e.g. type glycol into the top search bar and all the learning experiences associated with glycol will be available. 
  • It rewards engagement using the open badge protocol. This is a digital credential system which is now used by the likes of NASA, IBM, City and Guilds and the Open University etc (see Open Badges). They are not just two dimensional images but have hard coded meta-data providing a wealth of information to evidence life long learning
  • Badges can also be linked to outside courses. BetaTeach will work closely with course provides such as Heat Geek and Heat Academy. LinkedIn already has the facility to display badges and they can be displayed on websites, social media and in email signatures.
  • It is not Social Media. Although social media enables conversations and can be beneficial for learning it allows users to go off topic. It is not focussed enough and engagement is not always positive. The BetaTeach platform will not tolerate negativity, bad behaviour or people moaning about industry, policy etc.    


You are a heating engineer and you are getting jobs simply because customers can see how committed you are to your trade from the digital awards you have displayed (which can be verified on sites like this). The BetaTalk awards evidence your hours and hours of engagement with mentors and experts on such things as:

  • Low temp heating design
  • Thermal Storage technologies such as PCM
  • PV and Solar Thermal Systems
  • Heat Networks
  • Heat Networks utilising solar thermal and batteries
  • Control stratagies
  • Solar gain and insulation
  • Etc, etc, etc

Become a member today and start evidencing your life long learning. Your talk is valuable, don’t waste it.